Our vision is to help small business owners build sustainable businesses.


We therefore assist organizations and people to achieve their strategic goals through:

  1. Development of business strategies (including marketing and communication);
  2. Development of affordable, integrated management systems (including quality), policies and procedures to facilitate work.
  3. Research to broaden the organization’s knowledge base;
  4. Skills development interventions to empower people;
  5. Branding.


  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Excellence
  • Satisfaction


Tailormade, integrated, practical, empowering… These four words describe the services offered by Kanetwen cc. What specifically makes the Kanetwen service unique is the fact that we tailormake our service based on a client’s specific needs.

Kanetwen offers two types of solutions. Firstly, we offer the solution itself. In other words, if the client needs a management system, we develop it. Or if the client needs a logo, we design it. The second type of solution is to provide training for the client in the relevant area. The solution comes as part of the assessment. This type of solution might not always be practical but where it is, it offers long term results.

When a client needs to improve in an area, a consultant from Kanetwen performs a needs analysis. Accordingly Kanetwen offers a complete and integrated training programme. The purpose is to address as many needs as possible.

Training is practical and integrated. In other words if the client needs a strategy, employees receive training to develop strategy. They then develop the strategy they need as part of the assessment. One month after training Kanetwen evaluates each trainee in the workplace. By this time it should be clear whether they are truly able to apply the new knowledge. If problem areas are identified during the evaluation, further coaching resolves the issue. In this manner, we empower employees and clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Kanetwen further assists clients by developing training solutions aligned to SAQA unit standards. Solutions can be presented in e-Learning format if required. Kanetwen also develops affordable, integrated management systems to assist especially SMMEs in simplifying the management of their organization using Microsoft Office 365.

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